Concert review: Claw Boys Claw @ Rotown – March 15, 2018

Dear all,

It is my desire to turn Tintagelmusic into not merely my hub of operations when it comes to film composition, but to also blog about music in all its many shapes and forms. Thus, whenever I go to a concert (which is a lot of times ;) ) I will post a short review of it here on my blog page. Today’s review will be about the concert of Claw Boys Claw at Rotown in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on the 15th of March 2018.

Claw Boys Claw is a legendary name, and the band has been making music for 35 years. Inhabiting the late 80’s, the band’s garage rock is exemplary of that time’s new turn in music. Moving away from the classy melancholic sounds of Joy Division’s post-punk, Claw Boys Claw looked for inspiration overseas, and found it in the more country-rock oriented American countryside. By combining the punk DIY culture with the rock sounds that came from America, the band created a sound that feels both new and well-known. Last night was no different, and the band showed that they were a perfect example of garage rock’s combination of finesse and blunt force.

The bar was packed, the concert sold out, beer being chucked and dancing was everywhere. From my vantage point at the cloakroom (because I am a cloakroom volunteer at Rotown, I get to see many concerts that way) I could see the concert slowly spiralling into a sweet kind of chaos. The music was feeding into this frenzy and in front of me people were dancing, jumping and showing pure, drunk joy seeing their old time favourite band. Because I work the cloakroom, I see most of the concert-goers face-to-face, and it struck me that the average age was quite high – something you would expect with such an experienced band. And it was visible, as many people sung along with old songs they knew from their youth, and erupted into frantic and drunk bursts of joy that were reminiscent of teenage fervor.

The band kept playing for two hours straight, which is quite a record at Rotown, where most bands play no more than an hour, or one hour and fifteen minutes tops. The music was sometimes repetitive (which is something unavoidable, as they only had one bassist, one gitarist, one drummer and one singer – their musical options were rather limited both by the above and their chosen style of music), but it was enjoyable to listen to. The band was rocking but also showed a softer side in their encore. In the end, it was a great show, and will remain in the memories (however convoluted by excessive drinking) of the attendants forever.


All the best,


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